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Seiko Prospex Speededtimer: Should it come with a magnifying glass?

I got my first Seiko Speedtimer about 18 months ago in a trade, the Panda dial version. The right size for me, 39mm case size, a fairly short lug to lug, so it fitted my thin wrist well. The quality for the price is superb. Being a solar powered quartz, it will never need a battery change.

It’s a chronograph with three subdials. One is the ticking second hand, another is to count the minutes when the chronograph is started and the third, is a 24 hour indicator, unusual but there it is. Being a solar powered watch, it also has a battery charge indicator on the middle lower subdial. How many of us use our chronographs to time things? Not many I’m sure, we buy them because we like the look of them, then straight to our smart phone if we need accurate timing.

Now I’ll come to the date window, set just after the 4 O’clock position, it’s small, very small and set so low in the case that I need a magnifying glass to read it. A cat that lives on a diet of carrots would struggle to read the date. Would it be better without the date? Younger eyes might say it’s fine.

Then it happened, late last year I was in the dealer that sold me this watch, and saw the Crystal Trophy  version. It just stood out, I wanted it and had to have it. It didn’t take long to negotiate an acceptable discount and it was mine.

The dial on this watch is sublime, how the light catches it can make it change colour.  No picture I’ve ever taken can do it justice. It can change from a light metallic blue, to silver and sometimes a hint of mauve. 

Not long after I sold my Panda to a friend, who’s in love with it, so much so that I think his wife now sleeps in the spare room.

How high do I rate the Speedtimer? Very highly, it retails at £590, and good discounts should be available. To me it’s incredibly good value. 

The old man at Watch Talk


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