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Tissot PRX: I just had to have one

Every so often I get asked a question. I want to buy a new watch, but I don’t want to  spend much. What should I get old man? I always reply,  a Tissot. Good quality at reasonable prices. I’m not going to say affordable, I hate that word, because what’s affordable to one person is completely out of reach to another.

This brings me on to the Tissot PRX. I’d been aware of them for some time but had never taken great attention to them. A couple of months ago I was scrolling through some pictures of watches in a group I’m in, and someone had posted a picture of the light blue dial version. Nice I thought, very nice, I need to go take a look for myself. 

The next day I went to my local shopping centre to take a look.  Needless to say I came home with a quartz 35mm light blue dial PRX, with a suitable discount. I think discounts are a subject for another post.

It’s an updated version of the 1978 model, the same size as the original,  with a very 70’s case shape.. Slim and very comfortable to wear A metal bracelet with a butterfly clasp and quick release pins. It’s an integral bracelet, So you can’t fit any strap you want to it. I’ve been told many times that Tissot will bring out alternative straps to fit it, come on Tissot, get your finger out and produce some in leather and rubber straps. The date window is at 3 O’clock and is easy to read with my old eyes.

Tissot also does a 40mm size in both quartz and automatic. The 40mm automatic is fitted with the Tissot Powermatic 80, and claims 80 hours of power reserve, so it must be on some watch movement viagra.   I just found that the 35mm fitted and suited me better. Some might say it is a ladies size, Tissot themselves call it unisex, it’s nice, I like it and that’s all that matters to me.

There’s a good selection of dial colours to choose from in both sizes. One thing that does surprise me is, that both the 40mm and 35mm quartz retail for the same price, most would charge more for the larger size. This watch reinforces my opinion on Tissot and I’ll continue to recommend them.

The old man at Watch Talk


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