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Two days of testing completed for the Ferrari 296 GT3 at Fiorano

Ferrari have completed two days of testing of their new GT sports car, the 296 GT3. Both short and longer runs were done during the test sessions, with the car being driven by Alessandro Pier Guidi and Andrea Bertolini. The Fiorano tests will help to give important feedback to the Ferrari engineers and technicians. Ferrari’s Chief Executive Officer, Benedetto Vigna was in attendance during the tests.

Alessandro Pier Guidi

I am delighted with how the two days of testing here at Fiorano went. The Ferrari 296 GT3 proved to be a delightful and precise car to drive.” “Obviously, at this stage the work focused on testing the systems and essential reliability, and we are pleased with the data we gathered.

Andrea Bertolini

I can’t hide the fact that it has been a very exciting couple of days because expectations are high for this car.” “Right from the early stages of development, it is crucial to ensure that the car can meet both the needs of the pros and the gentleman drivers who will be competing in it.

Source. Ferrari


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