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Welcome To Watch Talk

I’ve started this website to share my love and enthusiasm for watches. It’s not going to be a place where you’ll get lots of in depth detail on each watch, it will be more about my likes, dislikes and general observations. That includes the watch trade. So watch out dealers, I’ll be writing about you too. As any friend of mine would tell you, I love talking about watches. So Watch Talk seemed like a good name for this website.

Personally I have quite an eclectic collection of watches. It’s never the brand name that attracts me, it’s always the dial. Of course, like most I have to be careful on how much I spend, so sometimes I sell a watch to fund a new one.

I’ll always try to post an image of a watch I write about, if it’s a poor picture, it’s taken by me, if it’s a good one, it’s taken by a semi pro I know.  He’ll read this, so I’m expecting some good ones from him. We go back a long way, and used to take motor racing pictures together. On one memorable occasion at Silverstone we were taking pictures on the starting grid when a strong gust of wind blew up his kilt. I’ve never seen grid girls run so fast, I only got jealous when I realised they were running towards him! 

I can’t say how often a new article will be published, being a pensioner now, so much to do.

I’ll be happy if anyone wants to contact me with any ideas and thoughts. The email address is in the About-Contact page.

You’ll also see older posts about Porsche in motorsport on here, which will gradually be deleted. You may enjoy reading them more than my ramblings about watches, such is life.

The old man at Watch Talk


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